GNU Journal, the national literary journal at National University, is accepting submission for the Summer 2017 print issue from April 25th to May 25th. Students currently enrolled and alumni of National University are invited to submit poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, one-act plays, scripts, visual artwork including comics, and other bodies of work.

Our editorial staff seeks to collect a wide aesthetic and especially desires excellent work, experimental or traditional—or somewhere in between—from the diverse and talented voices attending NU. Please, use our online submission form to submit previously unpublished or published works you retain ownership to submit.

All work should be original and previously unpublished or if published prior, the creator retains all rights.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please, withdraw your pieces promptly if it’s accepted elsewhere. Send email:

Submit no more than a total of five (5) bodies of work combine across the following categories. For more information or to submit, click HERE.

  • Poetry
  • Short stories (1000-5000 words)
  • Creative Nonfiction (1000-5000 words)
  • One-act play (10-mintute reading)
  • Script (50-90 pages)
  • Visual Art, such as photography, paintings, drawings, and comics (PNG or Jpeg files)
  • Other bodies of work (1000-5000 words)
  • Submit only one body of work at a time. Example: if you are submitting five poems, each poem is a separate submission. Individual submissions make the judging process swifter and easier since each body of work is judged independently.

Please send only your best work that has undergone thorough edits and has been proofread.

All poetry, short stories (fiction and non-fiction) and other written bodies of work should be double-spaced, 12 pt font, in New Courier or Times New Roman.

All visual art submitted must be saved in a JPEG or PNG format file with a 300 DPI or better, and all images should be publication reader.

Include a brief third-person biography written in the present tense of no more than fifty words.

All notifications will be made on a rolling basis through June 2017 with an expected publication date in or after July 2017.

Please keep in mind, upon publication, GNU Journal assumes first serial rights; however, all rights revert back to contributors upon publication, so the authors and artists may re-publish their work elsewhere providing proper acknowledgment is given to GNU Journal.

The submission deadline for student and alumni of National University is May 25th, 2017.

If you have questions, please email GNU Journal at:


Biographies should include your name, the major you currently attend or year of attendance and major, hometown, extracurricular activities, hobbies, brief personal information (optional), and a list of previous publications if you have any.

George Doe, a senior business finance major at National University, is from Brooklyn, NY. He participates in a local wildlife reserve program, and as an avid photographer, he enjoys capturing wildlife in their natural habitat. This is his first publication. (40-words)

Gina Doe, a Texas native, attends online classes in English and aspires to teach the next generation. She’s a member of the XYZ writers’ group, ABC sorority, and enjoys painting in her spare time. Her poems, ‘A Guiding Light’ and ‘Where the Sun Shines’ are published in MNO Magazine. (49-words)

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