2018 GNU Fiction


Short Stories:

• Just Another Urban Casualty by Suraj Alva

• Enlightenment by Ace Boggess

• A Million Nights by Steven Carey-Walton

• Dolphins Only Sleep with Half Their Brain by Cody Chesmore

• Remember by Bianca Estrela

• The Oral Exam by Melissa Knox

• Cicadas in the Suburbs by Mary Leoson

• The Candlestick by Carla Miriam Levy

• The Air is Fresh, and Sweet by Vytautas Malesh

• Whale Watching by Jessica Manchester

• Rabbit, Read by Alexander Moser

• Dahlia’s Decision by Josiah Olson

• Sins of the Father by G. Scott Platt

• The Labour of Moles by Mark Spann


Novel Excerpt:

• The Descent of Tess (Chapter 1 excerpt) by Tiffany Chaney


A Letter from the GNU Staff:

We would like to thank the writers who sent in their piece(s) to the GNU Staff for the Winter 2018 Publication. Writing is a solitary endeavor, and it takes a whole lot of sweat, tears, and angst to put one’s words on paper—let alone the self-talk and confidence required to share and/or submit completed work for publication consideration.

The dedication and continued support of the GNU Staff made the creation of this body of work a reality. Without the assistance of the editors/readers, as well as the unwavering support and guidance of Professor Frank Montesonti, this publication would not have been possible.