Dance with God by Clifford Browder


Dance with God

Sing to him, charm him, tickle him

Or her

She likes laughter, music, dance.


Don’t spill out teary prayers, gooey pleas

Or pull a long face and wallow in contrition;

The Big Sneeze will be bored.


Dance with God

Dance with God like crazy

Until the whole ravaged world

Wars, famines, woes

Your hang-ups, your sins and obsessions

Fade into a whirl, a blur

And it’s just the two of you

Dancing into radiant extinction

Into fullness, glory, life.



Clifford Browder is a writer living in New York. He has published two biographies, three historical novels, and an award-winning collection of posts from his blog, “No Place for Normal: New York.” His poetry has appeared in Runes, Heliotrope, The Same, Snake Nation Review, The Brillantina Project, Black Napkin Press, GNU Journal, South 85 Journal, and elsewhere.