I Dropped My Phone on the Goddamn Sidewalk and I Think My Dignity Went With It Too by Keli MacDonald


i look at the cracks in my screen


maybe this is what my insides look like


a series of shattered

a mess of metal

artificial robotic fragile


i run my fingers over the glass


i am holding my heart in my hand


scraping the shrapnel

feeling the fracture

painful unfixable finished


let this be a metaphor of us!

i say to myself

us humans! we are so small


so terribly weak

stocked with information

useless once the body breaks


so let us break; one crack at a time, or fragmented completely by one mistake.



Keli MacDonald is a junior at Ball State University. She is double majoring in English Studies and Japanese, with a minor in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). She currently works on Ball State’s literary magazine, The Broken Plate, as a poetry editor, because she’d rather read poetry than write it. However, writing is a fun hobby for her, and she mostly tries her hand at poetry.