Pennies for Survival by Clifford Browder


Dark energy breaks the crust of habit;

it convulses, it inspires.


Envy the creators;

their navels hiss,

their armpits sing.


True believers harbor sticky desires.


Nurse your giggles; laughter heals.


Wealth accumulation centers

foundations for the advancement of bliss

and towels that say LOVE

are not the answer.


Love your warts.


Dreams can give a shape to your living

A thrust to your desire.



Clifford Browder is a writer living in New York. He has published two biographies, three historical novels, and an award-winning collection of posts from his blog, “No Place for Normal: New York.” His poetry has appeared in Runes, Heliotrope, The Same, Snake Nation Review, The Brillantina Project, Black Napkin Press, GNU Journal, South 85 Journal, and elsewhere.