The Mission

There are plenty of literary journals you could read, but most are highly specialized, resulting in a limited view of contemporary writing. The GNU seeks to create a comprehensive creative platform for both readers and writers.

Who among us has never enjoyed a genre considered non-literary by some? A great horror story, an engaging science fiction tale, a compelling young adult narrative, a Sunday morning comic (or two). Who is to say these are less important to our culture than writings with a more traditional flair?

It could be argued that one must sample all types of writing in order to gain a panoramic understanding of this delicious literary soup we are lucky enough to savor. Anyway, lovers of great writing will recognize it as such regardless of genre or style. So pull a chair up to our table. That’s right. There is plenty of room and something for everyone. Enjoy.

GNU Sponsorship

The GNU is sponsored by National University’s Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program, which is available 100% online. The editors and readers of the journal are MFA students. To find out more about this progressive program, click here: NU MFA in Creative Writing