A City’s Insides by Alex Wells Shapiro

  1. Receding->imploding
  2. Everything drains into the spaces between blocks
  3. New tenants: be wary of the walls
  4. The gaps are artificial membranes holding human development in place
  5. Infrastructure is an exertion of consciousness and thumbs, but the structure within is not dormant. Our engineering is no more definitive than insect architecture
  6. Erosion massages us toward reconstitution
  7. An example: I have a cousin who moves my shit around when she visits, then tells me she has ‘fixed’ the room
  8. Boom Bap bangs from 15s, bass drowning out pleas for release from imposed poverty. We only hear the hook
  9. A presence of the evicted remains, maintaining spaces they created
  10. Perhaps one day the discharge from our leaking feet will burst from the ground and blossom, but today no rose explodes from this concrete
  11. Buzzing means I am not alone