A Little Breeze at the End of August by Charlene Langfur


I have been waiting for it as if I knew it was coming. I did not know for
certain even though I wanted it. Waited on an opening at the end of a long heat.
An opening, a flowering, you know what I mean. Now the day’s breeze puts
my mind at ease. It slows down worry in the midst of a long endless drought.
Even so, this time, when so much withers, even the watered grass dies, trees
give in, but the sunflowers make it through, stand tall, yellow, golden, touches of
orange at dawn and the purple heather glows along with it. They have staying power
in the worst of time. I know what survives teaches, especially in the desert
where the shade counts at midday more than any other time. It is all about relief
then. A shelter for the heart’s yearnings. A new season. A little breeze.
It can change everything.