Morning Song by Michelle Kent

a black-billed cuckoo chirps
from beneath the barren brush grown tall.
a nearby juniper twists his branches towards
the lively allegro as
three white-throated swift chime in—
their ruffling feathers humming a soft flutter.

the western white pines whisper,
a snowy egret shuffles on their ledges
chirping a loud tune, discordant
with the swift’s sweet chord.
the breeze whines through the tall grass,
even the ponderosa wails into the wind—
the blue jays swaying to their soft sonata.

a busy squirrel scurries up a white-bark pine—
the scratch-scraping of his hurried scamper
singing with the shuffling boughs.
from the forest fog
a waft gust whirrs through,
joining the humble hymn.