Ode to a Lobster by Glenda Saravisky

You are so much more than some
heavily harvested creature!
Oh, Homarus Americanus
you ten-legged, bottom dwelling
salve for the glutinous,
come to me.

Come close and hear my plea –
bring my watery majestic yummies
from deep within the sea.

Come to me dear jeweled crustacean
mightiest of the crew,
broiled, boiled, sliced en croute.
I will have one of each, maybe two.
Thermidadore it, bisque it, bask it
Oh, belabored gent in white
bring my beauteous basket delight!

Oh magnificent crustacean
save me from this wild frustration
lead me into my damnation
forgive me for my weak temptation.
Spread open for the world to see
glistening, aromatic, sensual and free.

Like a baby bibbed for battle
well armed and tooled to tackle.
To rush this sweet and luscious morsel
would be sinful and distasteful –
waiter, waiter please another
gorgeous yummy tempting plateful.

Tender chunked-tailed, bathed,
anointed with chablis, merlot
or straight up and dry –
breaded, shredded, a nice crispy fry.

Lemons, lots of lemons,
drenched in butter drawn
Sit back, enjoy my exquisite cracking
of these beauties’ stubborn claws.

One and one half, two, three or four
satiate me, radiate me, but never cease to plate me –
Waiter gimme more!